Jürgen Kerner

Client Service Partner


From a young age Jürgen had naturally broad and diverse interests, but during the years he spent with McKinsey, he was able to hone in on what he is most enthusiastic about professionally: creating fast and sustainable impact through optimised B2B sales, R&D and purchasing. He developed this further while in exciting line management roles at BMW. In each of his roles, he was able to draw on the knowledge gained from his engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich and his PhD in Business from the Technical University of Berlin.

Today at a-connect, Jürgen serves clients in the (agri)chemical, pharma and high-tech industries, as well as private equity investment firms around the globe. Most of all, he enjoys the range of industries and topics that he can engage himself in, working closely together with his versatile clients.


Happiest when boarding a plane with his wife, preparing to discover another extraordinary spot on the planet.